Hi Jay,

My husband & I had brought our tan & white beagle, Maddie, to your snake
avoidance training to the Heritage House/Marana Parks & Rec several weeks

Yesterday, while my husband was out cleaning our pool, Maddie was roaming
in our Myoporum (ground cover). All of a sudden, she backed up and began
howling loudly. Bob went over and poked around the area with a shovel and
ddin’t see anything, so he went back to the pool.

Once again, Maddie went into the ground cover, backed up and began howling.
This time, he put her in the house, then went back to look further with the
shovel. He found @ 3′ rattler curled up sleeping/resting. So, he shoveled
the snake.

Needless to say, she indicated TWICE to him that there was a snake there
and obviously had only smelled it, as it wasn’t coiled up to strike. He
praised her profusely and gave her treats. We are SO grateful & proud of her.

Interestingly enough, just the night before a friend whose dog had also
taken your snake class had mentioned they were going to bring her back this
fall for a refresher, and I told her we were planning to do the same. It
doesn’t appear we need to do this at this time, as she still remembers what
she’s supposed to do!

I’m SO glad I hadn’t come home to find her either dead from a snake bite
(as one of our other 3 beagles) and/or at the vet’s with a $2,000+ bill, IF she
was even able to be saved. We wanted to share this story and thank you
again for your class!!!



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