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It was apparent from a very early age that my border collie  had no fear of snakes.  At 13 weeks of age, during a “potty break” at puppy school, Kelsey discovered her first snake in the grass outside the classroom.  She eagerly picked it up and held it as it squirmed from both sides of her jaws.   Luckily this took place in high mountain Colorado where no poisonous snakes are found.  It is obviously a different story here in Arizona.

So, last year as a preventive measure I enrolled Kelsey in Jay and Web’s snake aversion program.  She was quickly taught with the assistance of a live, defanged rattler to avoid the sight, sound and smell of a Western Diamondback.

Two weeks later while hiking on Charloix Gap Rd with Kelsey on leash we encountered a rattler.  Kelsey spotted it first in the weeds beside the trail.  She spooked and jumped clear of it alerting me to the danger I was about to encounter.  This time she showed no interest in playing with the snake  or picking it up.
It was coiled, rattling and ready to strike. .  Her alertness and warning allowed me to avoid the snake and probable painful consequences.  I believe this story would have had a much different outcome if we hadnt gone through the snake aversion training.  I definately recommend it!!.

Kristin Goddard
SaddleBrooke resident


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