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Snake Safe training is the best option available to protect a dog from knowingly going near a rattlesnake. Additionally, when you’re with a Snake Safe trained dog, you’re also with an early warning system that lets you know when a rattlesnake is nearby.

Training dates

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Listen to the training orientation Podcast in the Media section for complete training information.

Do not reply through the website! I will not receive it. Email me at web_parton@me.com

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  • Web Parton says:

    Hi Diane,
    Call me on my cell (520) 465-3460 and we can talk about some strategies. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to talk with you soon.

  • Web Parton says:

    Hi Suzie,
    I will be in Lake Havasu City for three day, two classes per day, at Paws & Claws Animal Care on April 11,12 & 13. The clinic address is 2715 Maricopa Ave. Call me on my cell to reserve a training slot at (520) 465-3460. At this point the two Saturday 4/12 sessions are filled. I still have space on Friday the 11th and Sunday the 13th. I look forward to talking with you.

  • Russ Gibson says:

    Web: When are you coming to Utah again. You trained 4 Irish Setters for us and two German Sheppards for my son. I have a new young Irish Setter that has not been through the training and I hope to get him trained before snake season starts. You may recall that last year the one dog we had that did not go through the trainging was bitten in our back yard – 3 strikes on the nose.
    Russ Gibson
    Onora Irish Setters
    Cottonwood Heights, UT

    • Web Parton says:

      Hi Russ,
      I will be in utah from mid May through early June. I start in Kanab and head north to the Salt Lake Area. I posting dates in the next couple of days. Call me if you have any questions at 520 465-3460.

  • Jan Tennell says:

    Our club, “SUDS” (Southern Utah Dog Sports) has interest in scheduling a Rattlesnake seminar.
    We are located in St. George, Utah.
    Do you have dates that you would have available and price for seminar?

    Thank you,
    Jan Tennell

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